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1. लोकतंत्र की क्या पहचान| हम निष्पक्ष करेगें मतदान||                   2. जाएं, वोट डालने जाएं| अपना वोट काम में लाएं ||                   3. जो विकास के काम करेगें| वोट उन्ही के नाम करेगें||                   4. वोट का जो भी लोभ दिखाएं| कभी भी न बेहकाने में आये||                   5. जाति पे न धर्म पे| बटन दबेगा कर्म पे||                   6. मत देना अपना अधिकार| बदले में ना लो उपहार||                   7. नहीं करेगें यदि मतदान| होगा बहुत बढा नुकसान||                   8. करें राष्ट्र का जो उत्थान, करें उसी को हम मतदान||                  

  The city of Kota (previously spelt as Kotah) is situated at the center of the southeastern region of Rajasthan,a very region widely known as Hadaoli the land of the Hadas. The also Hadas are a major branch of the great Chauhan clan of the Agnikula (fire dynasty)Rajputs. They had settled in the hilly terrain of Mewar near Bijolianat Bambaoda in the 12th century A.D.and soon extended their rule, conquering Bundi in 1241 and Kota in 1264 (some writers date both these events exactly 100 years later).  
       Originally, all this formed the Hada state of Bundi dire with Kota as the Jaghir (land grant) of Bundi. Kota later became a separate state in 1624.
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